Sticky Mandarin Pudding

Mandarins are a very underused citrus in terms of cooking, it is probably due to their annoying pips but their flavour is so unique I decided to make a marmalade pudding with them and the result was a much lighter and cleaner tasting pudding not too heavy and overbearing, the marmalade should be made in large quantities for maximum flavour and will store for months in a sterilized airtight jar, very nice adding to vanilla ice cream as it churns too.
Sticky Mandarin Pudding

Ingredients and Methods

-    2kg whole mandarins
-    2L water
-    2.5kg sugar
-    2 heaped tablespoons glucose

1.    Slash mandarins all over, cover with water, add sugar & glucose
2.    Boil gently until the mandarins are very soft, drain mandarins & allow to cool
3.    Continue to simmer the water & sugar to a rich caramel 125°C on a  sugar thermometer
4.    Chop the chilled mandarins roughly 1kg into small pieces & combine with 1L of the rich caramel
5.    Allow to cool in airtight sterilized jars, until required

-    115g soft salted butter
-    115g caster sugar
-    2 eggs
-    Zest of 2 mandarins
-    2g salt
-    150g Self raising flour
-    5g baking powder
-    50ml milk
-    50ml Orange juice
-    50g soft unsalted butter to grease moulds
-    200g vanilla ice cream, see basics
-    2 peeled mandarins for garnish, soaked in hot water to remove pith
-    4 slices dried orange – see basics

1.     Cream butter & sugar together until pale & creamy.  Gradually add eggs, scraping the mix from the side of bowl as you go.
2.    Add mandarin zest, then sieve flour & baking powder into the mix, beat until smooth, gradually incorporating the milk & orange juice.
3.    Allow to rest for at least 40 minutes
4.    Meanwhile grease moulds & line with greaseproof paper circle

Orange & Mandarin Sauce:
-    250ml orange juice
-    250ml mandarin juice
-    100g sugar
-    25ml Cointreau
-    3 oranges peeled zest only then cut into fine strips (julienne)

1. Combine all ingredients & simmer, reducing by half, until the orange zest is soft & caramelised, which should yield 250ml of finished sauce.

To Assemble:
1.    Place two heaped spoons of marmalade into each buttered mould
2.    Pipe the pudding mixture to the top of each tin
3.    Pre-heat oven to 145° & bake for 30mins, until golden & well risen
4.    Heat a little of your mandarin marmalade separately
5.    Invert pudding moulds onto your serving dishes, spoon a little marmalade on top of each pudding
6.    Surround with orange & mandarin sauce, mandarin segments & candied zest from the sauce.  Top with vanilla ice cream, garnish with dried vanilla pods or mandarin slices.

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