BBQ Chorizo with figs and Ollo Rosso Onions

Turn the humble backyard BBQ into a Latin Fiesta, figs are so versatile sweet or Savoury they add a lovely sweet & sour element to this simple stew of fragrant onions great with all meats.
BBQ Chorizo with figs and Ollo Rosso Onions

Ingredients and Methods

50 ml olive oil
Sea salt flakes & milled pepper
4x 200g raw chorizo or your favourite sausages

Ollo rosso onions

8 thinly sliced garlic cloves
6 red onions finely sliced
Large Pinch of Dried chilli flakes
2 bunches Chopped Oregano leaves
50 ml sherry vinegar
100g Quince paste
250ml ollo rosso sherry or dry sherry
1 doz ripe figs cut into 6
100g lentils or chickpeas which have been cooked in a full flavoured stock, e.g. chicken, ham, beef, lamb, or veal

Herbed breadcrumbs (optional)

50g melted butter
Slices of Fried Ciabatta style bread
Coarsely chopped
50g chopped oregano
Pinch of salt

To serve
Dijon mustard

1) Butterfly your sausage by cutting down the centre, pull open, season with salt & pepper,

2) Drizzle with olive oil then either bbq or pan sear for a few mins each side then cook over a lower heat for a further 3 mins till just cooked & keep warm

3) For the onions in a suitable wide pan warm the olive oil with garlic as the garlic becomes fragrant add the onions, oregano & chilli flakes

4) Cook for a further 5 mins over a high heat stirring constantly, till collapsed and the onions begin to brown

5) Add quince paste & sherry vinegar cook the onions till the juices are almost completely reduced, sherry and reduce once more. Season to taste then add the fig slices cook to a rich marmalade like consistency adds the lentils and some of their cooking liquor.

6) For the Breadcrumbs warm some butter, add the chopped fried breadcrumbs, and cook until golden & crisp add the oregano season with a pinch of salt

7) To serve arrange the sausages on a suitable plate, smother with the onion & fig marmalade & their juices, scatter with breadcrumbs & serve with some mustard & tomato salad

Chef Paul Wilson

Credited with serving some of Australia’s most exciting food, Paul Wilson has been described as one of the most extraordinary culinary talents in the Commonwealth & continues to receive critical acclaim for crafting inspiring dishes that take an innovative approach to cuisine traditions. (more)

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