Pickled Mussels & Potato Crisps

A delicious snack for small groups. Once you’ve prepared the pickle and mayo, this creation is really simple (and impressive!).
Pickled Mussels & Potato Crisps

Ingredients and Methods


150g sugar

300ml water

450ml cider vinegar

5 peppercorns

5 allspice

2 bay leaves

Combine all and bring to the simmer until sugar is dissolved, cool until ready to use.


3 egg yolks

2tbs Dijon

500ml blend oil

1 tbs Lemon juice

Mussel juice

1 Tsp salt

- Whisk the egg yolks, mustard & lemon juice together.

- Slowly add the oil until the mixture starts to emulsify.

- When the emulsion is too thick to take any more oil add a tablespoon of mussel juice. Continue to add the oil.

- Once all of the oil is incorporated add the salt.

- Taste the mayonnaise for salt, lemon and a mild mussel flavour.


1 kg Mussels (Beard removed, broken mussels discarded)

100ml white wine

½ a small fennel, finely diced

2 Shallots, sliced

2 Tbsp dill. (Washed and chopped)


Black pepper

- Heat a heavy based pan.

- Add the mussels and the white wine and cover the pot.

- Check the mussels after 30 seconds.

- Take the mussels out of the pan as they open.

- Remove the mussels from the shell and check for any beards.

- Once all of the mussels are out of their shells cut them in half and mix thoroughly with the fennel, shallots and dill.

- Season with a little salt and some black pepper and submerge in the chilled pickling liquor.


500g medium sized royal blue potatoes

Cottonseed oil for frying (or any neutral oil with a high burn temperature)

- With a sharp mandolin, slice the potatoes along the broad side, just less than 1mm thick.

- Run the slices of potato under cold water to remove excess starch.

- Once the water is running clear they are ready to fry.

- Drain the potato slices and dry on an absorbent towel.

- Heat the oil in a heavy based pot until it reaches 150C.

- Fry the slices of potato in small batches, they should take about 2 minutes to become golden.

- Using a slotted spoon, scoop the crisps out of the oil and on to absorbent paper.

- Season generously with salt and allow to cool.

- Repeat this with the remaining batches of potato, being careful to maintain a consistent temperature with the oil.

To assemble

Drain off any excess pickling liquor from the mussels and add some more freshly ground black pepper. Serve the pickled mussels with a large pile of potato crisps and a bowl of the mayonnaise. Encourage guests to dip the crisp in some mayonnaise and top with a pickled mussel.

Chef Josh Murphy

Born and raised in Tasmania, the Builders Arms Hotel and Moon Under Water Head Chef and co owner Josh Murphy moved to Melbourne at the age of 18 to begin his cooking career. After an early stint at The Palace in South Melbourne, Josh moved to the then three-hatted Circa, the Prince in St Kilda where he began his long-standing working relationship with Andrew McConnell. (more)

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Josh Murphy

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